Consulting Services

Factors vital to the cement industry are efficient investment, high production, long operation runs and minimum production cost. These factors can be realized only by making reliable basic plans at the time of investment with a long-term view from raw material to marketing as well as from the operation to the maintenance. Such optimized plans lead to minimum investment for any new business developer.

Taiheiyo has provided its clients with unique and refined consulting services well from the cement manufacturer's view point among world renown consulting firms. Taiheiyo's experts of various fields are so well trained at the project sites that they are fully qualified to provide consulting assistance in this field. Taiheiyo's consulting activities cover all services for new and existing plants including research field studies, project implementation and management services.


Research and Field Studies

Below are the services we provide for "research and field studies."

Project Implement and Management Services

Below are the services we provide for "project implement and management services."