Geological Investigation

The cement industry, like other industries, needs accurate and reliable assessment of raw materials, which require experience and professional competence. Expert geologists conduct surface investigations by examining outcrops of raw materials and collecting the samples, which are tested in the Research & Development Center of Taiheiyo Cement (R/D Center). If necessary, well-experienced chemists accompanies geologists to analyze collected samples in the field, thus providing geologists with data to make quick and reliable judgments.

In the preliminary stage, Taiheiyo’s geologists need little or no drilling. Even in detailed investigations, they can limit the amount of drilling to minimum, saving time as well as developing cost.

In the final stage of geological investigation, Taiheiyo’s mining engineers join the survey and make an efficient mining plan in the field based on the said investigation as well as their experiences and knowledge on mining operation in Taiheiyo. Thus the reliability of geologists' judgment has been proven in numerous quarry developments around the world.