CLASSIEL (for Fine materials)


CLASSIEL is a high performance separator which was developed based on the technology of O-SEPA aiming at classification of fine material such as raw material of ceramics and calcium carbonate for paper filler and coating.


Excellent performance
CLASSIEL has high performance sealing system to avoid coarse size grain from mingling with the fine product. CLASSIEL can achieve the sharp cut as passing rate through 45μm sieve of 99.999% is possible for classification of calcium carbonate powder.

Wide classification range with easy control
CLASSIEL can easily control wide classification range (3-200μm) by changing rotor speed and/or air flow rate.

Sharp and High efficiency classification
CLASSIEL can perform high efficiency even in case large size model CLASSIEL as classifying tens of ton/h.

Best Suited design
CLASSIEL can be customized complying with customer's request.

  • Calcium carbonate, Coal, Cement, Perlite, Silica sand, Fly ash
  • Raw material for ceramics, Raw material for grass, Black lead, Charcoal
  • Chemicals, Metallic powder