O-SEPA V was developed as separator for vertical roller mill, based on the technology of O-SEPA which is the pioneer of high efficiency separator.


Excellent classifying performance
In case of conventional air separator in vertical mill, the vortex flow by a simple diagonal rotor is not uniform, because vast open space outside of rotor causes irregular movement of the ascending air loading due to uneven centrifugal force and weak inward moving force of airflow. This results in poor classifying.

On the other hand, O-SEPA V performs high efficiency classification, because of centrifugal force acting on each particle accurately due to cage type rotor and guide vane.

Production increase and energy saving
O-SEPA V performs higher production rate of about 5-10% and less specific power consumption of about 1.0-2.0 kWh/t, compared with conventional type separator.

Application for Various Cases
O-SEPA V can be applied to modification of vertical mills with both center feed chute and side feed chute.
O-SEPA V can be applied not only by replacing existing separator, but also by improving existing one through reconstructing its inside part in case of dynamic separator.

  • O-SEPA V F :Separator for vertical mill for fuel *Coal, Cokes, etc.
  • O-SEPA V R :Separator for vertical mill for raw material * Limestone, Clay, etc.