RSP (Reinforced Suspension Preheater)

RSP(Reinforced Suspension Preheater)is a pre-heating system developed for cement manufacturing process based on many years' experiences of Taiheiyo Cement Corporation.

This system is developed by incorporating Swirl calciner and Mixing chamber into conventional SP (Suspension Preheater) system aiming at increasing clinker production and reducing heat consumption.

Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation offers the engineering services for construction of RSP new plant including modification of existing SP system to RSP system.



Easy combustion control in Swirl calciner
The temperature inside calciner can be controlled easily by adjusting Tertiary air volume from clinker cooler.

Easy and steady kiln operation
The operability of kiln is improved through raising decarbonate rate of raw material entering to kiln.

Combustion of hard-to-burn fuel
Hard-to-burn fuel with low volatile matter such as Fluid Petcoke, Delayed Petcoke, Anthracite etc. can be utilized without auxiliary burning by introducing Tertiary air of high oxygen content.

Utilization of waste materials.
Waste materials such as waste plastics, waste oil, wooden tip etc. can be used as alternative fuel of principal fuel.

Example of Flow