T3C Burner (Taiheiyo 3 Channel Burner)

T3C (Taiheiyo 3 Channel) burner has been developed by Taiheiyo Cement Corporation and Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation for cement burning rotary kiln which uses solid pulverized fuel such as coal, petcoke etc. as principal fuel.

T3C burner can adjust the shape of combustion flame in optimum condition and contribute to reduction of heat consumption through favorable combustion.


Utilization of Low Grade Fuels
In order to cut fuel cost cheap fuel such as anthracite, petcoke etc. can be utilized as principal fuel.

Utilization of various type of recycling resources
Fuel cost can be reduced by using recycling resources such as waste plastics, waste oil etc.

High efficiency combustion and easy operation
Good combustion condition can be generated by efficiently inducing high temperature secondary air surrounding the burner.
Also the shape of combustion flame can be adjusted easily contributing to steady kiln operation for long- term and reducing opportunity losses.


Even in case low-grade coal of 5,000 kcal/kg is used as principal fuel, generation of carbon mono-oxide due to incomplete combustion at kiln inlet is restrained and favorable operation can be realized.