TCS System (Taiheiyo Coating Solution System)
TCS System (Taiheiyo Coating Solution System) prevents coating formation on preheater side wall and provides steady kiln operation.As a result, combined with minimized heat loss due to daily stable kiln operation, consumption of recycling resources and low grade raw materials and fuels increases and thus cost reduction further expand.

Steady operation. Less production cost. Less coating trouble in

Since coating growth in the preheater is restrained, hard preheater cleaning works are lessened and steady kiln operation and longer refractory life are expected.

Less fuel cost
In world cement industries, currently the coating trouble is increasing together with increased consumption of inexpensive sulfur rich peto-coke. TCS-system makes the use of high sulfur fuel such as peto-coke possible.

Larger use of recycling resources
Most recycling resources contain high chlorine and sulfur and their use is restricted. TCS System enables the larger use of high sulfur recycling resources.

Main Equipment
  • Raw meal dispersal dumper : Circular revolving type dumper
  • Kiln inlet dispersal plate : Dispersal plate which evenly disperses the raw meal fed to kiln inlet
  • Raw meal dispersal chute : This chute is designed in the best suited way by respective