TSDS (Taiheiyo Sludge Drying System)

Following the dissemination of sewerage system in recent years, a large quantity of sewage sludge is generated. Currently, however, only some 20% is utilized as cement raw material in Japan.

Accordingly "Taiheiyo Sludge Drying System (TSDS)" that just meets the needs of the resources recycling time is proposed.

TSDS is a drying system which uses kiln preheater gas for drying the sewage sludge and convert it to cement raw material without no modification of existing kiln system.


Less space for installation
As drying equipment, a high performance crushing flash dryer of direct drying type is adopted which requires less space for installation. Simple structure of the dryer makes maintenance easy.

Simple equipment
By using a kiln preheater line for extracting heat source gas and treating exhaust gas from TSDS its equipment structure is simple with less maintenance cost.

Utilization of hot gas from preheater line. No need of exhaust gas treatment equipment
Through utilizing hot kiln preheater gas, steady extraction of high temperature gas and safety measure with low oxygen gas are realized. And exhaust gas treating equipment is not required by returning it to preheater line.

No effect on kiln operation
As sewage sludge is dried before being fed to kiln, no modification of existing kiln is required for disposing of the sewage sludge.

Example of Flow