Taiheiyo Cement group has rich experience and many engineers for Research & Field Studies, such as Geological Investigation, Material Analysis for raw materials for cement production, and Feasibility Study, Conceptual Design and Project Tender Preparation for project creation and tendering through 100 years cement/mining plant operation.
Taiheiyo Engineering provides such consulting services at the project creation and tendering stage.

Supply List

Geological Investigation and Mine / Quarry Development


Geological investigation and mine / quarry development planning consist mainly of the following activities related to cement raw materials (limestone, clay, siliceous material, iron and gypsum), aggregate resources (gravel, sand, crushed stone, crushed sand), and various kind of raw materials of ceramic industries.

In Japan, Taiheiyo Engineering provides consulting and engineering work related to geological investigation of concrete aggregate (mainly limestone), construction of aggregate crushing plant and redevelopment work of existing mines and quarries.

Business Description

Geological Investigation of Overseas Industrial Raw Material Resources and Planning of Mine / Quarry Development

Taiheiyo Engineering has conducted many geological investigations of raw materials, planning of mine / quarry development work for overseas cement plant projects. Taiheiyo Engineering has accumulated extensive work experience for conducting reliable geological investigation and planning of mine / quarry development to meet customer’s requirement.

Design for quarry development and equipment supply with vertical shaft system

Taiheiyo’s vertical shaft system is recognized around the world as an advanced technology that can stably supply limestone ore even in steep mountainous areas.
In eastern mountainous area of Taiwan, Taiheiyo’s design has become the standard system for the development of limestone quarries in the area. In addition, Taiheiyo’s Rock Handling System consisting of "Finger Gate" (hydraulic switching gate located at the bottom of the shaft) and "Roll Feeder" is a sturdy and reliable system. This system has a long term track record.

Guidance on Mining / Quarrying Operations

Taiheiyo Engineering generally provides operational guidance training for newly established overseas cement plants at the beginning of their operations. Also, same guidance training shall be conducted at limestone mines and quarries.

Design of aggregate production plant

There are many aggregate plants which Taiheiyo Engineering has been involved in its establishment both in Japan and overseas countries.
In Japan, Taiheiyo Engineering has been involved in the construction of new aggregate and crushed sand plants as the main contractor.
Thanks to long term rich experience, Taiheiyo’s detailed design, construction and supervision of aggregate and crushed sand plants are highly reputed by many clients.

Material Analysis

Various kinds of material , ranging from raw material, industrial waste, municipal solid waste and sewage sludge to cement product collected in the field or plant, are evaluated at the R/D Center, which boasts modern, sophisticated facilities and a staff of experienced researchers.

These samples are tested to verify that they are suitable in quality and harmless to environment, to determine optimum mixtures, and to choose the process that should be adopted to achieve the most economical production.

The special procedures and know-how, like the microscopic ONO method developed by Taiheiyo, as well as the long experience of R/D Center, ensure accurate, reliable results.

Feasibility Study

A project’s feasibility depends on raw material, site selection, conceptual design, cost and markets. Starting with the geological investigation, Taiheiyo’s experts can determine project feasibility based on their long-term experience and far and wide know-how through detailed data and information.

They perform on-the-spot investigations and conduct extensive home office analysis. Accuracy of the data is important for reliable results so Taiheiyo’s experts regularly update such information.

Thus the feasibility of project can be assessed precisely. Many cement plants constructed so far based on Taiheiyo’s feasibility study have been enjoying successful operation results.

Conceptual Design (Quarries and Plants)

Selection of a mining method and technology for the quarry and those for plant are based on studies of raw materials, markets and site conditions. Machinery and equipment are selected, the plant layout is prepared and civil works are defined. Both investment cost and production cost are estimated for financial analysis.

Taiheiyo performs all these engineering tasks in order to facilitate further detail design for final evaluation.

Project Tender Preparation

Taiheiyo assists the client in preparing a comprehensive tender document by compiling all of the information obtained by feasibility study and conceptual basic design.

This tender document provides all the rules and instruction necessary for the tenderer to prepare their proposal so as to include all the necessary work and to comply with technical and commercial conditions. This will lead to easy evaluation and selection of qualified contractors.