Privacy Policy

Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation views the protection of personal information as an important social responsibility, and in an effort to properly manage, use, and protect personal information, it has established voluntary rules and guidelines, set the following policies for handling personal information, and is working to implement and uphold these rules, guidelines, and policies.

  • Taiheiyo Engineering conducts itself appropriately under strict management when collecting, using, providing, or depositing personal information. It also strives to protect personal information.
  • Taiheiyo Engineering complies with all laws, regulations, and standards pertaining to the protection of personal information.
  • Taiheiyo Engineering takes appropriate measures to prevent or rectify the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal information.
  • Taiheiyo Engineering ensures the implementation of the foregoing by continuous improvement of Personal Information Protection.

April 1st, 2008
Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation