Irrespective of type of Kiln process and make, Taiheiyo Engineering has developed successful techniques to diagnose the existing plants and to overcome the existing process/operational problems and to improve the capacity of Pyrosection with an economical investment and assuring stable operation. Also, techniques developed for reducing the pressure drop across Preheater Circuit, for reducing the exhaust gas temperature, for improving the Kiln/Calciner burning efficiency and for solving the existing process and operational problems.


  1. Reduction of Pressure loss of Preheater cyclone

    • Optimization of cyclone shape.
    • Guide vane on dip tube.
  2. Improvement of burning efficiency in Calciner

    • Taiheiyo Calciner Burner.
    • Optimization of Calciner shape.
    • Loop duct.
  3. Improvement of heat exchange in Preheater

    • Taiheiyo Dispersion Box.
<Optimization of cyclone inlet>
<Guide vane on dip tube>
<Taiheiyo Dispersion Box>
<Taiheiyo Calciner Burner>