Taiheiyo Two-Stage Combustion System

Recently, the regulation of NOx emission from cement plants has been getting stricter in the world for environmental protection. To keep the regulation, many cement plants operate SNCR (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) system. However, De-NOx agent (urea / ammonia) for SNCR system is expensive and the cost burden is getting a big problem on production costs. In addition, slip ammonia (leak ammonia) may be a problem if a lot of De-NOx agent is injected to reduce NOx emission.
To solve such problems, Taiheiyo Engineering has developed its original two-stage combustion technology based on researches and tests.


  1. No impact for clinker production process

    • Some additional burners (De-NOx burners) are installed at kiln inlet for two-stage combustion. Fuel for the De-NOx burners is distributed from fuel for calciner (no need to increase fuel amount for calciner before and after installing the De-NOx burners).
    • A part of raw meal at upper cyclone with low temperature is bypassed to near the De-NOx burners to prevent coating problem.
  2. Low investment cost

    • Main equipment is;
    • - Calciner burner
    • - De-NOx burners
    • - Fuel distribution box
    • - Raw meal diverter


<Taiheiyo Calciner Burner/De-NOx Burner>