White cement has the strength similar to normal gray cement and the whiteness of more than 91 %.

The essential points to attain higher whiteness are raw material component (restraint of ferrous oxide) and quenching of high temperature clinker (prevention of oxidation).

Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation provides “Taiheiyo cooling system for white cement” incorporating quenching technology developed through many years' experiences of Taiheiyo Cement Corporation.

Taiheiyo cooling system provides two types, that is rotary type and screw type, both are of similar high performance adopting water cooling system.

We are ready to talk with customers about various requests ranging from construction of new plant to plant modification such as capacity increase, conversion to low cost fuel and so on.


  1. High Whiteness

    Whiteness of Taiheiyo's system is proven by many years' performances in Asian and middle east countries.

  2. No influence on kiln burning condition

    Our original technology, the special device developed for preventing vapor of clinker cooling water from disturbing kiln operation, achieves high efficiency burning.

  3. No special reducing agent

    Taiheiyo cooling system does not use any reducing agent at all. Only clean water is used.

  4. Cost saving (Conversion to low cost fuel)

    Through combination with our burning technology such as TMP burner etc. low cost fuel can be utilized keeping High Whiteness.

  5. Selection of cooling system

    Wide range of measures are available responding to customer's request with our two types of cooling system.

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