The chlorine bypass system which was jointly developed by Taiheiyo Cement Corporation and Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation is a unique technology eliminating chlorine contained in raw materials and fuels, which is a main cause of coating trouble, from kiln preheater system efficiently. Thus this technology enables kiln steady operation utilizing large amount of chlorine rich waste materials.


  1. Efficient chlorine removal with less bypass rate

    • Best bypass rate is set based on unique simulation applying raw material chlorine content in preheater system as an index.
    • Maximum chlorine removal with minimum heat loss.
    • In actual operation, 80 to 90% of chlorine is eliminated with 5 to 10% bypass.
    • Bypass rate up to 10% is ready to provide wherever requested.
  2. Less collected dust quantity

    • By introducing cyclone, chlorine rich and fine collected dust disposed of from the system is reduced substantially.
    • Coarse particle is returned to preheater system.
  3. Returning bypass gas to preheater system

    • By introducing gas cooler, bypass gas volume is reduced and returned to system again.
    • As dust adhesion measures, plate type heat exchanger is introduced for gas cooler.
    • Small-sized equipment is realized.

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